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Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of emerging technologies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry

There’s something synonymous with going to theatres and sports arenas – immersion. Humans love the Immersive experience and realism they get in the moment when in such environments, and this seems to be a key attraction to many theatre goers and sports fans. Also, people that love literature and arts usually enjoy the Immersive experience that such avenues provide them. In technology, Augmented Reality (AR) offers its users the opportunity to experience Immersion and realism, just like a good play, game, artwork or literary piece would offer an enthusiast. Beyond that, AR provides a realism that’s closest to actual reality and in the process brings literary metaphors, theatre suspense and sporting spectacles into realism in the moment; just like Polaroid is to 2D photography, AR is to bringing experiences, images, ideas, concepts etc into 3D experience among digital technologies.

In an article by Wired[1], AR has been identified as one of the technologies of the future that will impact immensely in the evolution of the Internet. Likewise, Tim Cook – the CEO of Apple – recently emphasised the significant importance that AR will play between the world of digital technologies and real life[2]. AR is a technology that has a unique visualisation capability that makes it stand out from other novel technologies[3]. AR does not only present the abstract, it also connects the abstract with reality. In the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, AR has been used in simulation, visualisation, information retrieval, interaction, data collection and processing, and communication[4], among many other uses: on-site or off-site.

As emerging technologies like AR evolves, AR offers the AEC sector a lot of opportunities to improve practice in areas like “improved customer involvement in production processes through VR/AR, which gives clients the insight they need to become directly involved in the design of their projects[5]. As the world of digital technology advances, the AEC sector cannot be left behind in adopting important emerging technologies like AR, and with ongoing research on producing affordable AR-enabled helmets[6], it’s only a matter of time before AR becomes a standard technology within the AEC sector.



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