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Deconstruction and Recovery Information Modelling

£800 000

Funded by

Innovate UK and EPSRC

2016 - 2018

Demolition waste comprises significant proportion of valuable building materials that could be re-used for new constructions and refurbishment. However, no such tool exists that can help in the identification of valuable building materials for the purpose of reuse and recycling.

DRIM tool leveraged the advanced machine learning technique to develop a tool that supports the architects, design engineers and other stakeholders at the building design stage in respect of building material choice.

The tool also provides support for the Refurbishment and Demolition Surveyor and Engineers at the end of life of the buildings.

The component of the DRIM tool that supports material analysis and selection at the building design stage in integrated into BIM software environment in the form of an add-in in Revit 2017. The figures 1 and 2 below are screenshot of the DRIM interface in Revit and Building materials analytics result page respectively.