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Holistic Digital Solution (HDS) for secure and affordable Building Management Systems (BMS)

£2,2 million

Funded by Innovate UK

2018 – 2020

Building Management Systems (BMS) are computer-based systems that monitor and control electro-mechanical functions in facilities (hospitals, airports, universities, shopping centres, public buildings, etc.) easing the day-to-day management. BMS can incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) assets (i.e. a collection of sensors and electronic devices connected to the web), which help to improve the efficiency of the facility. BMS are exorbitantly priced and are only employed by large facilities that can afford the initial investment. BMS do not fully provide IoT-enabled intelligent capabilities such as predictive maintenance (e.g. to predict when machinery needs repair) and prescriptive operational plans. Also, BMS has not been developed with cyber-securityind which makes them vulnerable to attacks that can drastically disrupt their building operations.

This project will develop a Holistic Digital Solution (HDS) for secure and affordable BMS. The project will (i) significantly reduce the time required to develop IoT-enabled BMS, thus reducing their development cost and increasing their affordability, (ii) leverage Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques (e.g. deep learning) to enable predictive maintenance and optimised operations, (iii) reduce the time and effort required for technicians to carry out inspection and maintenance tasks; by guiding technicians through the facility and directing them to the specific equipment. It will also provide the technicians with all the information required to carry out their job, (iv) use attack-models and Machine Learning to carry out cyber-security vulnerability audits to improve the robustness of the BMS.