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Real-time Emission Visualization for Eco-friendly Travel Behaviours

£1,8 million

Funded by Innovate UK

2018 - 2020

The REVIS system will consists of: (1) REVIS Travel Planner (RTP). This app will visualise in real-time NO2 & CO2 emissions on roads providing drivers, commuters, cyclists and pedestrians with accurate emissions levels along their planned journey. (2) Emission Visualisation as-a-Service (EVaaS) is a platform that provides emissions data to navigation and travel planner providers (e.g. Google Maps, Apple iOS Map; Waze, Tomtom, AA route-planner, etc.) so that they can include it on their solutions. (3) REVIS Cities Emissions Map and Monitor (RCEMM) will support local and highway authorities to monitor in real-time actual NO2 & CO2 levels. REVIS aims to provide a step-change in decision-making and behavioural change for emissions reduction. REVIS will enable local authorities to devise and test emission reduction policies tailored to their communities.

IoT-sensors will be installed along roads and highways to measure in real-time the levels of NO2 & CO2. This instrumentation will enable to collect real-time emissions data, which will be invaluable for this project and to other applications such as future connected transport. This project will leverage cutting-edge deep learning (DL) techniques to (1) predict future emission levels in existing roads and highways, which will inform the authorities’ decision-making process regarding emissions policies; (2) predict the amount of users’ emissions for future highway designs; and (3) influence travel behaviours through eco-friendly journey planning. These will contribute to improve the health of the population by reducing the critical levels of emissions in the UK.